Worm Drive Mini Clips are used in areas of application involving small hose diameters for such as vacuum hoses and emissions control.

Stainless Worm Drive Hose Clamps are suitable for most common household, garden, washing machine and automotive applications. The bands have punched rectangular perforations that hold strong and advanceeasily as the captive screw is turned.
Other clamp products we can produce and stock on blanket orders based on meeting minimum production and order quantity requirements.


Delivering high quality hose clamps to the USA, CANADA and MEXICO markets.  Our hose clamps are packaged and warehoused in our central stocking distribution center located in St. Louis, Missouri.  We can ship most standard size clamps and miniature worm drive clip orders same day if received before 1:00 PM CST.


CLAMPS UNLIMITED worm drive mild steel clamps have been universally regarded as the most versatile and cost effective clamping solution. Available in a wide range, it eliminates hose abrasion and damage under the clamp. It increases hose life unlike wire clamp which penetrates the hose. High clamping pressure with low tightening torque provides ease of operation. They are available in zinc plating which improves its resistance to corrosion.


CLAMPS UNLIMITED  stainless steel clamps offers the best practical solution for chemical, food and marine industry. It also has a wide application in the automobile and engineering industry. Practical designing using advanced tooling makes them stronger than conventional clamps.

CLAMPS UNLIMITED stainless steel clamps are perfectly engineered to provide non throbbing surfaces on the clamp which safeguards the hose from damages. As the perforations on the clamps are done at extended lengths, a recommended clip can be used for smaller diameters in case of emergency requirements.


CLAMPS UNLIMITED T bolt clamps suit the customer's requirement of a leak proof connection. Typical installations include air-intake systems for construction vehicles, trucks and bus engines. They are also widely used in irrigation, duct systems, medical equipment and more.

CLAMPS UNLIMITED T bolt clamps are fitted with a 'nylon' nut to absorb vibrations and thus prevent the loosening of the clamp. A wider bandwidth ensures an uniform and equal distribution of clamping pressure and deburred edges prevent damage to the soft hose material.

CLAMPS UNLIMITED SLTB clamp provide an additional benefit to compensate for hose line expansion and contraction due to temperature and pressure changes, As band tension and not installation torque produces the desired clamping force, these type of clamps provide high band tension with relatively low installation torque.

TB series clamps are made using stainless steel for band and tongue. The remaining components including self-locking nut and bolt are manufactured in plated carbon steel. This makes the product highly cost effective for general use.
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