Name Change

November 2014 - Effective Immediately
Jolly Clamps USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of McLaughlin Metal Sales Co., Inc., has announced that the company's new name will be "CLAMPS UNLIMITED", effective immediately.
In an effort to expand its product offering beyond the "JOLLY" brand products alone, CLAMPS UNLIMITED is expanding their product offering to better serve their customers more completely.  Whether it is package/ retail quantities or bulk shipments, the company goal is to build a supply chain that fully supports its customers in the United States.
Managing Partner, Jim McLaughlin, released the following,
"We are very pleased to make this name change announcement as it is a new opportunity for us to more completely service our customers in the USA.  Our partnership in promoting and selling the Jolly brand will continue in addition to these new opportunities.  The Jolly brand is a product line we fully support and we have plans to continue growing the Jolly product line in the USA in addition to the other products we will be offering."


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